Talents of India is a wonderful platform where people can show their hidden filmy talent like Acting, Dancing, Singing, Direction, Script writing, Lyrics writing, Music composing, Photography, Film editing, film making and all other movie making crafts.

We have seen so many TV shows, Talent hunt shows, reality shows, still such programs could not bring out the true hidden talents of ordinary people. India is a hugely populated country with population more than a billion. Most of ordinary people have hidden talents but lack of opportunities does not let them explore those hidden talents. There are very less chances that these people can show their talent to the world and get the desired recognition.

We want to see a pool of talented people from the entire nation and from all the required film crafts.

Considering the above mentioned limitations and understanding the scope of reach to the millions of people by providing them with an opportunity to enter into Indian films and in the mean time, award and reward the desiring candidate for their talent.

The primary vision of Talents of India is to provide a unique opportunity to connect with Indian Film industry. Our only mission through this platform is to reach as much fresh talent as possible by helping them identify their true talent and introduce to the film industry.