What’s next

What you see on Plansform today is just a teaser when compared to what we have lined up!

Activity feed

You will soon see a facebook/linkedIn-like activity feed on Plansform. You can post, like, comment and share stuff and make your presence felt here. Build and grow your professional network and engage with your community more effectively and in the way that you are comfortable now.

Plansform Classifieds

As architects, interior designers or people who execute projects, you invariably end up with excess materials after the project is completed. This, we know, not only occupies space in your garage/godown but is also a waste of money.

What if, we provide you a means to list those excess materials on Plansform so that other professionals can get a chance to buy it from you?

Its as simple as 1.2.3

  1. Create a classified post on Plansform by adding pictures, price and other details of the items that you’d like to sell
  2. Finalize on a buyer based on the responses you get for your post
  3. Agree on the logistics of place of pickup/delivery and close the sale

Buy Products

Get awesome deals on surplus stock of products, sold by reputed dealers in your city. These products can be unique in terms of design, limited quantities and exclusive!

This is also a huge opportunity for product dealers to liquidate their surplus stock at deep discounts, thereby clearing inventory and freeing up warehouse space.

We, at Plansform, provide product cataloging services to the dealers to remove any entry barriers to get online and help them organize their surplus inventory.

….and much, much more!

We are just getting started and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch this space for more announcements on upcoming features.