1. The participant needs to fill all the details in the online registration form, select the talent categories of your interest along with a photograph, email address, valid phone number and relevant attachments. It is mandatory to carry the same identification proofs to the selection centers at the time of selections. Ensure to provide an emergency contact number in the provided field.

  2. Any identity proof approved by the Government of India, stating your age must be produced.

  3. The participant must be a natural born Male/Female.

  4. In case, there are any changes in the procedure, the applicants must comply with those.

  5. The participants must disclose the details if they are related to the mentioned contractors, sub-contractors or jury members at any stage.

  6. The organizers would not be held responsible for any kind of delay in the schedule or non-receipt of the applications.

  7. The travel and stay expenses during the selection rounds must be taken care by the participants, the organizers will not be responsible.

  8. The participant is required to be well behaved and disciplined throughout as per the schedule.

  9. The participant will take part in this at his/her own risk and the organizers will not take any responsibility of any loss or physical injury that may occur to the applicants.

  10. Incorrect information if found prior or during the event, may lead to disqualification of the participant.

  11. The selection procedure is mentioned crisp in our portal and that is final, there would not be any changes further.

  12. The participants holding good physical and mental health without any prior medical history of mental illness along with a good moral character can only participate.

  13. The participants must not have any criminal record, their application would be disqualified if any such record is discovered prior or during the process.

  14. Only the participant will be allowed to enter the designated locations of the preliminary levels.

  15. The venue, schedule of the events may subject to change at the discretion of the organizers.

  16. Participant will be allowed to photograph or video shoot at the venue.

  17. Participants must be aware of that the Talents of India hold the right to change the dates, schedule and location of the selections at any point of time.

  18. In any uneventful dispute, the decision of the Organizers will be the final about the participant.

  19. Talents of India falls in the jurisdiction of Hyderabad, hence, courts of Hyderabad will take care of the disputes if any.

  20. The participant or the any members of their respective families show poor behavior towards the procedure or fellow participants, such participants will be liable to disqualification and immediate elimination.

  21. For further information, send an e-mail to [email protected] or Call on Our HELPLINE No. 8099223366 and to keep yourself most updated, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.