General Questions

Talents of India is an India’s first crowd sourcing film production company.
Talents of India Makes Movies with fresh Talents  and launch them to Indian Film Industry.

  • It is very easy. Click on “Registration form”, fill all the details relevant to personal information and the categories you are interested and click “submit” button. You must register within the time period mentioned in our site. You can view your profile after we finish the screening which takes about 48 Hrs. (Review)
  • We will be more than happy if you are such multi-talented person. You can definitely choose from the listed categories relevant to your talent.
  • The fee will be charged only once for all the categories you choose.
  • We will have the stars of Indian Cinema as our brand ambassadors, therefore, that is where we win the trust.
  • You can check for the jury list on our website. However, be aware of one thing, the finalist or the best awardees will be selected through a combination of votes received from general public on social media and the points from the jury members.
  • No, not additional benefit as such. Talents of India invites the entries from the new hidden talents across the country, hence, there would not be any additional advantage if you are already an artist on the small screen.
  • We provide training to the finalists selected for our projects absolutely free of cost.
  • Select ‘any other talent’ from the options under categories and apply.
  • You can send pictures that are taken on your smartphones too. You can use dubsmash, Velfie etc., applications for the video shoots.
  • Yes, your parents or guardians can accompany you.
  • Please refer to the shooting zones on our website.
  • Such instant would rarely occur because, we schedule the dates after discussing your availability.
  • Talents of India will shoot 2 movies which will be released in 8 major Indian languages. The shooting will be done for Hindi and Telugu movies with varied scripts. Hindi movie will be dubbed and released in 4 other North Indian regional languages namely Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi and Bhojpuri. Likewise, Telugu film will be dubbed and released in 2 South Indian regional languages as well – Tamil and Malayalam.
  • Not at all, language is not a constraint. We can take care of that.
  • On the shooting locations or zones, we will arrange for your food and stay. Everything will be covered under the budget of Talents of India.
  • Follow the simple steps to recover your password. On the homepage, click on login, click on ‘forgot password’ link. You will be asked to provide your e-mail address that you have provided during registration. An e-mail will be sent with password to that e-mail address.
  • If you are not able to reset your login details, you may send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Yes, if you want the correct opportunity, it is important that you furnish all the relevant details.
  • Log in to and follow the steps mentioned here.
  • Click on Edit update link in your profile.
  • Edit your profile as per the information provided on our website. Click “Update” once you are done. The changes will be affected within 48 hrs.
  • On the homepage, enter your name in the search box provided.
  • No age bar for the participation as we are inviting entries from all age groups, we will require babies, child artists – girls and boys, men and women.
  • Type or write your storyline, we do not intend to get full and detail story from you. You can provide a proper script with a few lines covering the major part or the plot of your story. A lyric writer may send in a few lines.