About Plansform

What is Plansform ?
Plansform is a professional platform for professionals and students from the Architecture and Design community.
What is Plansform's vision ?
Plansform aims to get Architects, Design Professionals, Students of Architecture and Design and other allied professionals on to a common platform to help foster positive interaction, collaboration and sharing of information to build a stronger ecosystem that will help take the expertise and services of the architecture professionals to a billion Indians. It also aims to provide a unified platform for potential clients to find, discover and engage the services of the Architecture & Design professionals.
How is Plansform different from other professional networking platforms out there ?
Plansform is a platform dedicated to the Architecture and Design community, which means a more focused platform minus all the clutter!
Where are you located ?
Plansform is based out of Bengaluru, India.

Features and Benefits

I'm an architect. How can I use Plansform ?
As an architect, you can sign-up on Plansform to Create your professional webpage or one for your firm and Showcase your projects, Connect & Collaborate with other professionals. You can also stay updated with Architecture news and can blog on Plansform. Sign up Now
What are SMART Utilities ?
Plansform also offers online tools called SMART (Simple & Modern Architecture Tools) to manage your architecture projects. This will be launched soon. Watch this space!.
What tools does SMART offer ?
SMART Utilities is a collection of tools to help architecture professionals manage their projects better. The tools will include:
  • Secure online file storage, versioning, backup and access control
  • Project tasks and milestones tracking with reminders
  • A graphical dashboard showing project metrics and milestones
  • Time tracking of project tasks
  • BoQ and Costing
  • …and much more
How can I create my professional webpage ?
By signing up on Plansform, with your email id, as an architect, we create a profile page for your by default. You can update the content of the webpage by clicking on 'Edit Profile' under the 'My Profile' link on the top right of the screen. Please note that this menu will only be visible after you have logged in on Plansform.
Can I create more than one profile ?
No. You are allowed to create only one profile per email id. Read our Terms of Service to understand your responsibilities and obligations once you signup on Plansform.
Where can I upload my projects ?
Click on 'Edit Profile' under the 'My Profile' link on the top right of the screen. Scroll down to the Add Projects section to add your project with relevant design and technical description. You can add as many images as you wish to showcase your project.
I'm an Architecture student. What can I do on Plansform?
As an student of architecture, you can sign-up on Plansform to Create your webpage and Showcase your projects, Connect & Collaborate with other professionals. You can also stay updated with Architecture news and can blog on Plansform. Sign up Now


I'm a normal user. What can I do on a professional platform for Architecture & Design professionals ?
As a 'Visitor' on Plansform, browse, discover and find architect & design professionals across India. View their amazing work and shortlist & engage the right professional that meets your expectations. You can also 'post' your requirement on our 'Card Board'. The right professionals will be notified of your post and reach out to you. (Coming soon!)
I'm an Architecture & Design professional, what does it cost me to be on Plansform ?
Plansform is a free platform. Anyone from the Architecture & Design community can sign up for free. By signing up on Plansform, you get to
  • Create a free webpage with a customizable URL
  • Upload and showcase your architecture and design projects
  • Connect with other professionals on the platform
  • Stay updated with the latest news and blogs
However, if you wish to use SMART, there is a subscription fee for the modules. This is going to be launched soon. Keep me Posted
As a visitor, do I have to pay to contact the professionals on Plansform ?
General users can browse the platform to view the profiles of architects & other professionals and view their projects. However, you need to sign-up (for free) to contact the professionals listed on Plansform.

Content & Copyright

If I create my profile and upload pictures of my projects, who owns the content and copyrights ?
Any of your content (text, pictures, video etc.) that you upload on Plansform belongs to you. Plansform is just a platform to showcase it to the world. You will however be granting permission to Plansform to display, transmit and publish online your content. For more details on this, refer to our Terms of Use. Term and Use


I have a query and need more information. What do I do ?
We, at Plansform, are eager to answer any query that you might have about our platform. We can also help by guiding you through the profile creation and project upload processes. Drop us an email atsupport@plansform.com with your query and/or phone number and let us work our magic!